Horse Creek 

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Hiking Trails:
o Squibb Creek Trail - 25' Falls/Cascade at the end. 2.5 miles one way, moderate to difficult.
o Turkey Pen Cove Trail - Loops around to Middle Spring Ridge Trail?
o Middle Spring Ridge Trail - 5 miles, to the top of Big Butt peak and the AT
o Poplar Cove Trail - Connects to Big Jennings Creek Trail in the Old Forge area
o Pete's Branch Falls - Side trail off the Poplar Cove Trail. Twin waterfalls that require a lot of rain for any decent output.
o Scarlet Oak Trail - 0.2 mile loop at the picnic area.

6/26/2004 - Primarily just out driving around and ended up looking for this recreation area. Checked out the available trails, decided I'd be back with more serious intentions soon.

7/24/2004 - Made it to Squibb Creek Falls. Water level was down so decided it was the best to attempt. Heard a bear (but didn't see), saw lots of bear sign. The 94b road was undergoing a lot of work, closed to vehicles now but will be opened in the future.

8/27/2004 - Started out intending to go to Sill Branch Falls. Road crews were just removing their equipment after fixing the flood-destroyed bridge and advised the road was too rough for my car. Came to Horse Creek and hiked to Petes Branch Falls instead. More water would have been good but it's still nice anyway.

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