Laurel Run Park 

Info HERE about Laurel Run Falls.

The trailhead starts at the north end of the park and is very steep and not well maintained. An old roadbed runs beside the stream and the trail connects with it within a half mile or so. I'd suggest you skip that part of the trail and go straight up this road instead. Directly above the main falls is a smaller 3' falls right where Kiner Creek connects in. The trail takes a sharp left here following Kiner Creek where additional falls should only be a short distance upstream. I presume this trail is the one that continues on all the way to Bays Mountain now.
A significant portion of the 1984 Mel Gibson movie "The River" was filmed at Laurel Run Park.

7/4/2004 - Made it to Laurel Run Falls but it was starting to storm so we didn't try to go any farther.
10/10/2004 - Went to Kiner Creek Falls and checked out roadside Bays Mountain Falls nearby to the park afterwards.
3/30/2008 - After a week of cabin fever from the flu I needed a leg and lung stretcher that wasn't too strenuous.
4/3/2009 - Visited both falls after many days of rain

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