Lower Higgins Creek 

Five drops along Lower Higgins Creek in Unicoi County. The lower drop is ~100' and the upper is ~50'. There are 3 less significant drops in between, but still nice. All are a bit difficult to get to, if only in the last few hundred feet scramble down the bank to the base. As long as water levels are not way down, you will get wet on the few creek crossings. Follow Lower Higgins Creek Road as far as you can and continue on up the old road on foot.

5/7/2007 - Met Bill who took me to these falls for the first time. Water was up so creek crossings required getting a bit wet.
4/19/2008 - Met David and showed him these falls for the first time. Less water so rock-hopping was possible.
5/18/2008 - After visiting Rocky Fork creek and good lighting was still to be had, I decided to try for a better shot of this one.

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