Roan Mountain 

Roan Mountain - Views, Rhododendrons, etc...

6/12/2004 - My aunt was in from Florida and wanted to see the Rhododendrons. I drove her, my mom, grandmother and another aunt up for a look.
6/19/2004 - After visiting Elk Falls and discovering my brother had never been to the top, we made a quick side trip up so they could have a look.
7/2/2006 - Checked out the Rhododendron Garden (a bit past peak) and hiked a ways up to and past Round Bald. Flame Azaleas were a bit past peak but the Grays Lillies were exceptional.
6/20/2008 - Arrived early at the Rhododendron Garden, then hiked almost to Grassy Bald then came back and went to both Roan High Knob and Roan High Bluff
6/22/2009 - Foggy and windy...
6/18/2011 - Got Drenched! But it was fun...
6/8/2012 - Rhdos at peak, Azaleas almost, Gray's Lillies not yet

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