Sill Branch Falls 

Sill Branch Falls is on CNF trail 115. Follow a gated forest service road a bit over a mile past Clarks Creek Road in Washington County TN. The trail itself is ~0.5mi and in good shape. Trail 116 continues to the right where the north and south fork of Sill Branch meet. Info HERE. There is also an upper falls which can be accessed from the south fork trail.

9/3/2004 - First visit to Sill Branch Falls. The pictures I had found on the net did not do it justice. I'd also say the height estimate is low, I'd guess 50' to 60' is more like it.
12/12/2004 - We went back to Sill Branch Falls to check it out after a lot of rainfall. Bill had just been and was amazed at the amount of water coming off of it.
3/6/2005 - Checked out Sill Branch while on the way to the upper falls.
2/2/2008 - Checked out Sill Branch and Pine Ridge with 40F temps and some snow and ice around.

Topo and GPS track to Sill Branch, Upper Sill Branch and Hell Hollow Falls
Topo and GPS track to Sill Branch, Upper Sill Branch and Hell Hollow Falls

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Album: 9/3/2004 Visit
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