Western North Carolina 
Highlight for Album: Mount Mitchell
Album: Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell, tallest mountain in NC and tallest east of the Mississippi River
Changed: 06/08/2005
Contains: 36 items.

Highlight for Album: Crabtree Falls
Album: Crabtree Falls

A 70' cascade at Crabtree Meadows Recreation Area off the Blue Ridge Parkway
Changed: 06/08/2005
Contains: 20 items.

Highlight for Album: Hickory Nut Falls
Album: Hickory Nut Falls

Chimney Rock, NC
Changed: 06/08/2005
Contains: 90 items.

Highlight for Album: Elk Falls
Album: Elk Falls

Waterfall on the Elk River in Avery County, NC
Changed: 05/03/2011
Contains: 25 items.

Highlight for Album: Glassmine Falls
Album: Glassmine Falls

Waterfall barely visible from an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway just south of Mount Mitchell
Changed: 05/03/2011
Contains: 6 items.

Highlight for Album: Shunkawauken Falls
Album: Shunkawauken Falls

Shunkawauken Falls is a roadside view falls on White Oak Mountain Road in Columbus, NC.
Changed: 06/08/2005
Contains: 10 items.

Highlight for Album: Big Bradley Falls
Album: Big Bradley Falls

Big Bradley is a waterfall on Cove Creek between Columbus and Saluda NC
Changed: 06/08/2005
Contains: 29 items.

Highlight for Album: Little Bradley Falls
Album: Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley is a waterfall on Cove Creek between Columbus and Saluda NC (upstream from Big Bradley)
Changed: 06/08/2005
Contains: 33 items.

Highlight for Album: Mill Creek Falls
Album: Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls in the Toxaway Estates community in Lake Toxaway, NC
Changed: 06/08/2005
Contains: 9 items.

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